Discover what you need to know about adding commodities and professionally managed futures trading to your portfolio.

Managed Futures are an investment option that can deliver a return source to your portfolio during times of financial market crisis and reduce your overall portfolio risk in the process.

In these educational materials from the CME Group and Highground Trading, you’ll find out why:

25 options strategy guide
  • Managed futures is one of the fastest growing investment strategies in the world
  • Managed futures may immediately reduce the overall risk of your portfolio
  • Futures trading accounts offer an extra layer of checks and balances for your funds
  • Managed futures are better able to handle the initial impact of financial market shocks

Managed futures and commodity trading advisors are one of the few investments one can make to reduce the risk associated with traditional investment portfolios while producing returns at the same time. This is the benefit of adding commodities via Managed Futures as a diversifier to your overall portfolio: it can produce returns even when stocks are declining.

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